Persuasive Epic Pitch Decks and Presentations that win new business, raise funds, inspire teams, sell niche products


Persuasive Epic Pitch Decks and Presentations that win new business, raise funds, inspire teams, sell niche products


Importance of well-designed decks

Nobody appreciates text-heavy decks with many bullet points that result in you reading out the text.

Remember! Your presentation is an extension of your personality. It can make or break your career or business. Presenting at a big conference is very different from a presentation for a small team during a casual team meeting. Ultimately, the design of the Presentation will have a major impact on whether you close the deals, win new businesses, and in general succeed or completely fail in influencing the audience.

Select Clients and Audience

From an Idea to a Fully Designed Deck — We help you deliver Results

Based on your Idea and the story you want to convey, Scientity’s design and production team add high-level creative value to your presentations. From basic Slides to complex animations and interactive infographics, Scientity makes information engaging, memorable and persuasive.

First Step

Research & Conceptualization

We look at the essence of your brand, company, and of-course your presentation. We test appropriate color schema, Typography and imagery to transform your presentation.

Second Step

Content Analysis

Based on your content, and by using our knowledge of structure and design, we imagine presentation designs that engage with the audience, make an impact and most importantly showcase your Vision clearly.

Third Step

Design Creation

This is where we bring to life your presentation deck that is tailored with visuals that match your story. The deck is kept clear and concise to ensure maximum engagement and brings to focus the content that matters.

What We Can Do For You

Investor Pitch Decks

Sales Presentations

Business Presentations

High-Value Product Sales Decks

Visual Resumes

Internal & External Communication Decks

Decks for Social Causes

Elevator Pitch Decks

How It Works

Would you rather read the text or watch the story unfold?

Send us your draft Pitch Deck and Let us design the deck for you. In a Nutshell, A Quick & Easy Process:

Step 1 Place the Order: Send in your Presentation Draft. We understand the content & start designing it.

Step 2: Review First Design Sample: Based on the designed sample deck, you share your inputs, we implement them.

Step 3: Full Presentation: Our Design Team then creates the Masterpiece and shares with you once ready.

Step 4: Fully Editable , Ready For Use: Once ready, download the Presentation & start sharing.

Besides Editable Presentations, now you can also use our non-editable HTML5 link based presentations for your ease of sharing.


We value Trust & Integrity. With that in mind, all your ideas are completely Confidential and Secure. We ensure absolute confidentiality in all that we do. Trust, Integrity, and Confidentiality is the basis of our business, that’s why we agree to a Non-Disclosure-agreement(NDA) with all our clients on request. Any Ideas, Thoughts, proprietary Information, conversations, content and collaterals are treated as highly confidential. In order to ensure absolute confidentiality, we only use modern encrypted, secured channels when exchanging data, presentations or during communication.

Design is where Science and Art break even.

– Mieke Gerritzen

At Scientity, Design is our Passion. We design, innovate and craft stories for brands, products, technologies, people and spaces. We are proud to work with budding entrepreneurs, SMEs and Fortune 500 Companies. Scientity is the preferred design partner for some of the world’s biggest companies and forums to help create decks and design creatives that truly make a difference.

Why Us?

We focus on the design and the story so that you can focus on presenting the message confidently. Our Clients choose us because we are:


Quick and Reliable

Skilled and Experienced

Absolute Professionals

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